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19/9/2022  Opta Sportsdata announce deal with BSkyB to produce the                  Opta Index, including for Sky programming

1/9/2022    Opta Sportsdata announces that it has recently completed                  a private placement financing which was significantly                  oversubscribed

18/2/2019  Opta Sportsdata Forges a Relationship with ITV

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Granada Enterprises is launching a dedicated Champion’s League area on itv.com/football to support its comprehensive broadcast coverage on ITV.

Granada has partnered with Opta Sportsdata to provide new online Champions League content. The new area will provide fans with rich, live match updates as well as a definitive breakdown of all Champions League performance statistics, by team and by individual player.

Aidan Cooney, Managing Director of Opta Sportsdata, said: “The partnership has been forged to create the most comprehensive and compelling football coverage on the Internet to complement ITV's fantastic broadcast coverage. Combining this with Playaformance TM, the most dynamic and exciting interactive football content that has ever been available, is a mouth-watering prospect for the football fan."

Colin Ramsay, Online Sales Controller, commented: “True footie fans love to scrutinise the facts that matter, now we’re giving them the opportunity to find out live match updates online – itv.com/football will give them the ultimate proof that Thierry Henry really is a better striker than Ronaldo!

“We’re hoping that this new content will attract additional young upmarket males to the site.
This year's competition is also extra special not only because we still have three British sides competing - Man Utd, Arsenal and Newcastle, but also because the Final will be held on May 28th at Manchester's Old Trafford.”


9/10/2018  SSTZ announces deal to provide UEFA with Champions                  League content

Opta Sportsdata Limited today announced an agreement with UEFA New Media for the supply of its Playaformance TM data services to www.uefa.com. The agreement involves Opta Sportsdata providing live Playaformance TM data for all UEFA Champions League matches starting with Matchday 1 on September 17th 2002 to uefa.com and other UEFA owned properties.

"We are thrilled to be working with UEFA to provide services for uefa.com" said Aidan Cooney, Managing Director of Opta Sportsdata Limited. "Uefa.com is one of the largest and most sophisticated European football websites and we are delighted to be involved."


6/3/2018    SSTZ to provide data applications for Sports.com's                  World Cup Service content

Opta Sportsdata to provide rich data applications for Sports.com’s Avaya sponsored coverage of the FIFA World Cup 2002 TM.

Opta Sportsdata today announced that it is to provide its rich Playaformance TM data services to Sports.com as part of Avaya’s overall sponsorship of the 64 World Cup games live score service. Avaya, the technology partner for this summer's World Cup in Japan and South Korea has signed a six figure sponsorship deal with the pan-European sports website.

The deal comes as part of Sports.com and Avaya’s strategy to offer rich live content on any platform” said Aidan Cooney, Managing Director of Opta Sportsdata. “Our Playaformance TM services allow Sports.com’s 6.8 million sports fans to follow every on-the-ball action from the matches LIVE for the first time.”

Playaformance TM data is generated using an innovative, highly scaleable technology developed by Opta Sportsdata that enables the collection of rich player based statistics for all players in a live game environment simultaneously. Playaformance offers a new level of data to organisations where speed and depth of information is mission critical such as live broadcasters, odds compliers and digital media providers. Every action is time coded and attributed to a certain zone on the field.


1/9/2017    Opta Sportsdata Limited introduces Playaformance                  Tracking

Opta Sportsdata Limited today announced that it will be launching revolutionary new live football statistics and analysis products during the 2001/2 football season that will enable enriched broadcast coverage of the sport and the development of sophisticated new products for the gambling market.

Opta Sportsdata has developed a proprietary technology and methodology for the simultaneous collection and analysis of live information and statistics from uninterrupted team ball sports. Playaformance statistics consist of statistical data (up to 3,000 different actions or events per 90 minute game) from all game participants. It has also established an advance distribution mechanism that enables customers to receive the information in a format of its choice from an indexed menu which means the customer gets its exact requirement.

"During the last ten years the amount of money broadcasters have spent on rights to cover sporting events has increased exponentially and sports television programming has also developed to increase audience interest and ultimately justify the huge financial risks" said Aidan Cooney, Managing Director.

Opta Sportsdata will generate revenue from the sale of these feeds and products derived from these feeds to media, gaming and gambling organisations.

  Did you know?
Ruud van Nistelrooy is the only player to reach double figures for goals in two separate European Cup campaigns.

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